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Retirement Fund Trustee Education

All our educational material is designed to address the needs of a broad group of delegates with diverse educational needs, experiences and backgrounds, whilst incorporating the best practices in education for favourable results. Group Discussions, self-marked assessments, and delegate participation is important to achieve a comprehensive and practical learning experience. We also use technology for an optimal learner experience for both in-person and online training. Our programme is cemented and enriched by the foundation laid through the educator’s experience.

MFC offers the following programmes to retirement find office bearers and


Some of our past and present clients

Part time Professional Principal Officer and Professional Trustee Services

In compliance with Directive 5 and Section 8 of the Pension Funds Act, the
Board of a fund is responsible for the appointment of a principal officer and
must therefore ensure that the appointee inter alia; (i) has the relevant
qualifications and expertise relating to the management and oversight of
retirement funds , specifically to the particular office and type of fund in
question; (ii) is fit and proper to hold such appointment; (iii) and has been
informed of his/her duties and responsibilities in terms of the applicable

With our assistance a board can meet this prerequisite with our facility.

Our expert knowledge of role of the trustee as fiduciary allows us to provide
service excellence as independent and professional trustees across various
sectors .

Some of our past and present clients

Strategic Consulting

Our wealth of experience in our team spanning over 2 decades in the retirement fund industry, we have the expertise and the industry know-how to provide strategic direction to retirement fund office bearers. We provide high- level strategic consulting services to retirement fund boards wanting to strengthen their long term strategic position, and ultimately better their services to their members. Our strategic consulting services cover the following areas:

Some of our past and present clients

Speaker and Conference Facilitator

We focus on facilitating and speaking at conferences in the following areas:

Executive Leadership

The senior leadership of MFC has deep knowledge of
governance and organizational leadership across various
industries including but not limited to retirement funds,
finance, property development, and non-profit. We offer
non-executive director services in areas of our industry
expertise as well as organizations that we are passionate

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